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FFHackster v1.0


v1.0 Source?

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    FFHackster started as a project to automate the process of working with YDD's legendary "Final Fantasy Bytes" documents. Shorter after its initial release, more and more information was acquired, and Hackster eventually became the most complete hacking tool for Final Fantasy. Hackster was the first "real" product of Slick productions, and led to the site's birth, and was sort of the site's flagship for the site in the early days.

    FFHackster is a tool for editing the Final Fantasy 1 ROM. It allows you to change various text in the game, re-design the maps, alter enemy stats, change weapon strength/graphics, change armor properties, edit various graphics, change shop's inventory, change item prices, character stats, magic, etc, etc.

    Note the source available on the download may or may not be the real source. I lost the original source to FFHackster a while back, and I since recovered a copy from a friend, but I'm not sure if the source is exactly the same as was used to make the executable.