FF Virtua Shop
Author: Disch

FF Virtua Shop

    FF Virtua Shop is a utility to speed up the process of buying items in Final Fantasy 1. The idea is, you save a state when you're in town using your favorite emulator, load the state up in the Virtua Shop, then buy the items in bulk rather than buying one at a time like the game forces you to. The price is deducted from your GP total, and the items are added to your inventory. Then you load the state back up in the emulator and you're all set!

    The Virtua Shop is not a cheating utility. It charges you full price for the items, doesn't let you exceed 99 items, doesn't let you spend more money than you have, and only lets you buy items that are for sale in the town you're currently in. I tried to make it as legitimate as possible without it being able to be abused for cheating purposes.

    FF Virtua Shop supports the following emulators' savestates (check the readme for more details):
  • Nester
  • NesterJ
  • NNNesterJ
  • VirtuaNES
  • FCE Ultra
  • JNes
  • RockNES X