NotSo Fatso
Author: Disch
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NotSo Fatso v0.851
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version 0.80 - source
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version 0.52
version 0.51

    NotSo Fatso is an open source input plugin for Winamp for playing NSF/NSFE files. NSF files are rips of music data from various NES/Famicom games, which allow you to listen to an entire game soundtrack at only a few Kb per game. NSF Players are a dime a dozen, but what makes NotSo Fatso unique is its myriad of features which other players often lack:
  • Configurable Samplerate (8000 - 96000 Hz playback).
  • Mono or Stereo playback (with configurable panning and optional pseudo-surround sound effects for each channel).
  • Individual channel volume control and mute option.
  • Support for NSFEs which allow for individual track time specifications.
  • Silence detection, so that ends of songs/sound effects are detected and skipped.
  • Various methods to reduce ugly popping sounds.
  • Several sound filters, and the option to adjust the strength of the filter, and even the option to disable them completely.
  • NSF "Shadow" feature, which allows you to have a single track represented by a single entry in Winamp's playlist.
  • Speed Throttling to allow you to speed up / slow down the playback of a song.
  • Options to be less strict with NSFs (so that NotSo will work with NSFs which are not quite ripped properly). Also useful to nsf rippers for debugging their rips.
    On top of the feature list, NotSo strives to provide high-quality sound and accurate system emulation. All 6 expansion chips (VRC6, VRC7, MMC5, FDS, N106, FME-07) are fully emulated; both NTSC and PAL system modes are emulated; several system quirks (like the DMC's volume sideeffect) are emulated to try and play music back as it sounded on the real thing.