FF Tribute
Author: Disch

FFTribute Demo

    Final Fantasy Tribute was my first serious attempt at a game. It started as a solo project, but I got help from my buddy JCE down the line... but I turned out to be too flakey to stick with a team project so things broke up and I did it solo... again.

    After about 7 or 8 rewrites and God knows how many revisions along the line... I ultimatly got too frustrated. The utter lack of planning and poor initial design just led for more and more disasters as the project progressed, so I released this demo, then shortly after dropped the project.

    Final Fantasy Tribute was going to start out as a sort of FF1 clone/remake (like there aren't enough of those out already), but near the end of the original game where you go back in time 2000 years for the final dungeon, I was planning to put in a complete original quest with a changing party and developing plot (similar to the workings of Final Fantasy 4). However, as you'll see by the demo, I never got anywhere near that far in the project.

    FFTribute uses Direct3D 8 for graphics display, and uses Alpha-ii's SNESAPU dll for SPC playback. Sound effects and graphics were ripped from various Final Fantasy games making it the "tribute" the title suggests. Graphics coding is kind of shakey... so I make no guarantees as to how well this will run on your machine... if at all.
Additional Screenshots